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All of our WordPress maintenance & management  support plans include the follwing:


WordPress Core Updates

Keeping the WordPress core up to date is an important part of any website security. We make sure this is always up to date

WordPress Plugin Updates

We make sure all of your installed plugins are kept up to date regularly, preventing security holes

WordPress Theme Updates

Just like your plugins, we willmake sure your website's theme is kept up to date at all times, this also includes custom themes

Compability Support

Before making any important updates we test new releases making sure nothing breaks on your website



Custom development includes new functionalities, plugins, plugin modification and design alterations

Content Updates

Timely content updates, edits and changes. image uploads, product uploads, new pages and newseltter updates

Layout Changes

Design alterations, layout changes and new layout development for pages, landing pages or the entire website

Social Media

Social media management, social media page updates, design and setup if required. Does not include content creation.


Monthly newsletter setup, newsletter scheduling, management and newsletter design. Does not include content creation.


Daily Security Scans

Daily checksum scans to checks if your core files match what exists in the official WordPress core repository

Malware Scans

We scan you website daily for potential malware signatures. Malware is instantly removed when found

Anti-Spam Protection

Threat and anti-spam protection intended to defend your email from phishing, ransomware and whaling attacks

Brute-Force Protection

A trial-and-error method used to obtain information such as a user password or personal identification numbers

Database Optimisation

Clean Orphaned Data

Sometimes database tables become bloated with orphaned relationships which can consume a lot of database space

Clean Post Revisions

Whenever you save a page or post it creates a revision. We clean and limit revisions for faster performance

Clean Spam Comments

Too many WordPress spam comments and meta data will bloat your WordPress database and slows down your site

Full DB Optimasation

Database optimisation is so important. By removing unnecessary data, you can improve the efficiency of your database


Code Clean-Up

We inspect your entire website and make sure your website code is kept lean and clean

Image Compression

The reduction in file size allows more images to be stored. It also reduces the time required for images to load

File Minification

We strip out un-needed parts of CSS and JavaScript files to make them more compact

Removal Of Unnecessary Bloat

Sometimes too many plugins can be an overkill. We look at ways of reducing the number of plugins installed without loosing any functions



We will aways try and give you our best advice when it comes to keeping your WordPress website in tip-top shape

Fix Errors

There are no limits. We will fix any problem that arises, wethere is be a database or code problem


We can create monthly detailed reports showing you what work has been done on your website every month Optional

Around The Clock Support

Get help with our fast live chat support, or switch to our support ticketing system and pick up the answers at a time that’s convenient for you

Hosting Optional

Cloud Hosting

Elastic cloud WordPress hosting with up to 2GB Ram, full stack cache and unlimited disk space. Shared

cPanel True Cloud Hosting

True cloud optimised LiteSpeed Ent cPanel hosting. Shared

Private VPS

Private virtual machines powered by Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud. Scalable

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